• Eggplant with tahini, olive oil, pomegranate, and parsley. Photography by Walter Shintani.

    • Lanterns cast a golden glow. Photography by Walter Shintani.

    • A mixed grill of shrimp, lamb, beef, and chicken. Photography by Walter Shintani.

    • A pile of flatbreads and arugula salad with onions, tomatoes, and olive oil. Photography by Walter Shintani.

      ISSUE 8: DUBAI


      Mouthwatering mezze, or Lebanese small plates, are the draw at this swank, wood-paneled restaurant at the base of Emirates Towers. Bring friends and order to share–the kibbe is wonderfully fresh and the hummus rumored to be the best in town–then work it off with a stroll through the Tower’s upscale shopping arcade.