• Handpainted signs adorn the restored market buildings. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

    • West 7th Street is lined with appealing vintage shops, artsy boutiques, cafes and bars. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

    • Try Oddfellows for lunch or dinner for delicious takes on American classics. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

    • A hip new barbershop in the Oak Street Mercantile focuses on traditional haircuts and straight-razor shaves. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

    • A musical mural and a peaceful place to sit. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

    • Emporium Pies serves handmade pastries in flavors like chocolate pretzel and apple with cinnamon streusel. Photograph by Claire McCormack.

      ISSUE 12: DALLAS


      For a wonderful evening of entertainment in a historic setting make your way to this Renaissance-style architectural wonder, which welcomes nationally renowned performers and is the proud home of the Dallas Opera, The Shakespeare Festival of Dallas, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.